SmartCrete CRC will be established and governed as an incorporated company, limited by guarantee. The appropriate governance model will be discussed with Partners during the bid development process. However, the framework of the model will be based on the principles and recommendations of the Commonwealth CRC requirements. 


Start-Ups and SMEs are an important contributor to the concrete infrastructure sector and can play an even greater role in the uptake of research and innovation. The SmartCrete CRC is engaging a number of leading-edge SME’s to join its program of planned activities.  To facilitate this, it will implement a proven Innovation Cluster platform for SME’s to work with the CRC at a variety of levels and which will:

  • Provide an opportunity for SME’s to participate in, and nominate, research projects

  • Promote networking, training and knowledge transfer opportunities amongst SME’s.

It is expected that the Cluster will operate as a partner in the CRC and will engage SMEs via an MOU, or similar agreement, to enable them to participate in the CRC. Cluster members will provide inputs to the CRC, via cash and in-kind contributions provided to the Cluster. In addition, members will also provide feedback towards the priority research direction of the CRC.


The SmartCrete CRC will provide an opportunity to partner with other segments of the industry and research community to improve the delivery of breakthrough advancements in the cement and concrete product market. There are two ways to get involved in the CRC; become a core participant or a supporting participant. Flexible investment and tailored participation agreements will be developed to ensure that the CRC’s business model meets the partner’s needs. 



Core participants will commit cash and in-kind investment over the term of the CRC. They have an opportunity to shape the CRC’s business model, including; 

  • Governance and operational structure 

  • R&D programs, strategy and key milestones 

  • Legal and fiscal structures 

  • Intellectual property and commercialisation agreements 

  • Smaller SME’s may be able to form a single “amalgamated” participant. 



Supporting participants commit a lower level of funding that may be made on a per-project basis. Flexible terms can be tailored to suit particular business requirements and situations.


Associate participants have an active interest in improvement across the three SmartCrete CRC themes areas and have the view of their stakeholders or members represented in the focus of the SmartCrete CRC scope. They are welcome to, but not expected to invest cash in the CRC program, but rather will focus on promoting the CRC research themes to their stakeholders or members and help shape the research projects. Where applicable they will demonstrate their support through the application of their brand logo at the Associate level.

Participation Tentative Figures

Participants:                                  50 Industry and 10 academic

Total cash commitments:           $40,000,000

Total Staff in Kind:                        $50,000,000 (250 FTEs)

Total Non-Staff in Kind:               $20,000,000

CRC Grant Request:                     $40,000,000

Total CRC resources:                    $150,000,000 over 10 years

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