SmartCrete Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) presents an unparalleled opportunity to partner with other industry segments and
the research community to improve the delivery
of breakthrough advancements in the cement and concrete product market.




Our vision is to develop fully integrated product development and systems capability, from research proof-of-concept to commercial production stage, that is ready to roll-out and will lead to Australian competitiveness in Design Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing.



Our goal is to guarantee the long-term viability of vital concrete infrastructure in Australia.  We will achieve this through three major program initiatives that will: improve the cost, the application and durability of concrete, catalyst for step change in  whole of life asset management via remote monitoring of concrete structures, improve the productivity and sustainability of the supply chain and reduce our carbon foot print.  



SmartCrete CRC proposes new technologies and capabilities for the engineered design and advanced manufacturing of concrete products and tailored expertise to support companies to develop their products to the commercial production stage within Australia.  

SmartCrete CRC strategically aligns Australia’s research focus with its strengths in Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing.

We will apply high quality, cooperative research to generate practical outcomes for industry across the value chain.

The SmartCrete CRC proposes access to aggregated research and development capability allowing both large and SME participation in the development of industry-led productivity improvements in concrete.



SmartCrete CRC

Dr Warren South

CEO SmartCrete CRC

Cheryl Farago

COO SmartCrete CRC


Prof. Simon Clark 
Program Research Director SmartCrete CRC


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